Sunday, February 27, 2011

you're beautiful.

a friend shared this with me. the video immediately had me captivated. what is this? two black people...nude? i dont think they will play this on television! but as i kept watching...i felt like i looking at moving art. i havent been captivated by music (at least the recent releases) in a long time.

this video. this song. and what it looks like. and what it feels like. and what it sounds like. it sounds like...harmony. this video. this song. is abstract. you can look at it, hear it and embrace it from many different directions. it is indeed art.

i know many of us have wondered if "real love" with another person outside of the love we're already offered with real. is love like that real? the man he craddled her. the way she looked at a king. she trusted this man so mcuh so that carrying on his "legacy" was a privledge to her. i am engulfed by the committment by this couple.

i just wanted to share it. a reminder to myself. a reminder to countless faithful singles who are believing, just like i am, that a king/queen is the future and that a committment like this would be like singing to the Heavens that you're proud to stand close enough to them to be one person.


Artist: Timothy Bloom
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