Thursday, January 26, 2012


im present
thats it
absolutely unsure what the grass on the other side looks like
not quite sure if i want to
just present
moving at a decent pace
never absolute that the lane is right...
or is the lane left?
completely present; im sure im here
and hear often how gifting the present is
well, if thats the come it feels like a nightmare? or daymare?
constant torment of lists undone, passions untangled and sh*t unhandled...
embellished with lavish parties, fancy drinks and daily routine
always on sale - someone always tryna sell something...and none of it can be returned
so i sit with my piles of presents (yes)
piles of presents (yeah)
piles of presents (maybe)
absolutely unsure; never absolute
and embellished.

Monday, January 23, 2012

possibly impossible?

single. black. female. 3 words that when put together almost seem like a death sentence. im over exaggerating, but am i really? going into the new expectations on my part. but alot of women who fit in these 3 words...are really looking to be found...should that even be how it goes? should love FIND you or should you be actively engaging in the search process? plenty of questions...

a friend sent me this article. i laughed. idk if this woman, but i was thouroughly amused that he thought i could. am i though? hmmm...

Tracy McMillan: Why You're Not Married
how accurate is this for you? welp, i'd figured i'd share and let you decide if you fit the mold.


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