Tuesday, October 6, 2015

amber rose slut walk

perception is everything.
i read about amber rose's slutwalk and my first thought was..."people still use that word?"
slut. i feel like its not even a word thats used anymore since a surge of sexual expression has made people much more liberal on the topic of what makes someone a "slut" or "hoe".
and apparently amber has taken some offense to the turn and i guess a lot of others have too...

perception is everything.
i saw this to say...there's two ways to view this.
and there's various situations.
and while i think women in the public eye who are perceived to have little to no talent and often attached to some guy...she is a very easy target.

who in the world would know whether amber is a slut?

while i couldnt really identify the real purpose of her leading this effort,
was it about rape victims or slut shaming or all the above?
regardless of its intent, it drew the attention of women who identified with it.

whats concerning is whether it actually makes a difference to viewers?
because if we're honest, if you see a woman dressed provocatively, you think she wants to draw attention. the question is whether she is drawing the kind of attention that she wants...
a man with eyeballs will gawk, look and if he can...touch.
so are you drawing unwanted attention?

i agree that to a certain degree...what i wear should not matter...but it does. it actually does. i wouldnt dress like that to a job interview, church, school etc...so why is it okay to dress like that and think that you won't draw the attention?

i think it's unfair to no keep that in perspective about the perception that your dress is giving. is it possible to be harassed and shamed fully dressed? yes. but that's different than making an invitation with your provocative attire.

i think there's alot to be said about a slut walk in principle about the right of woman to express herself how she chooses...but we can't be lost to the fact that others could few this in a way we don't want to welcome it. and in the wrong setting, you could be in a dangerous and serious situation.

just a thought.
perception is everything.