Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Black Butterfly.

long time.

i was sharing tunes with my mama.
and every song seems like somethiing ive lived before.
but this one song...mama says, "oh i remember this song..."
and proceeds to share a story about when she was driving over a bridge when
this deniece williams classic came on the radio. i wasnt yet born.
she said it "changed her life". and could i believe that music can "change your life"?
of course i do. i was really encouraged by that.
it almost instantly felt this song was also...my song...

this short rant was simply to say...whats your song? what encourages you?
i started running through my mind all the countless times i stayed up
as a teenager at late and early hours just listening to music...
alot of it...changed my life, encouraged my artistry and shaped who i am.
and im thinking, "my God. what is it that my children will be encouraged by?"
of course, Christ. but music that can truly stick with you...is that even alive for the youngsters anymore?

idk...it just ran through my mind...how different things were from what they are now.
i sometimes wish...we had those classic hits that came before me in our generation. this particular song didnt even release until 1984. i wasnt born until 1986.

i guess im just old school.. but i just wanted to share that.

if you are interested...

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