Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FAST REPORT: im stepping out.

in case you're still counting: it's DAY 26 with 4 days to go. it just jetted by, right? wow.

well, im coming full circle in this social networking fast. the commercial i saw that brought this all on came on as i was dosing off to sleep and im really glad i was motivated to it. although i havent read A Call to Die in a few days and not nearly as close to be done as i'd like's a book of lessons AND ive added another book to my reading list as soon as im done with this one called: Jesus Withouth Religion. I'm excited to read it.

anyways. the past month we've been teaching the kids about: humility. definately a lesson for me as much as its been for them. A Call to Die is about: humility. my life in the last month has been about: humility. i just needed to really drill that lesson in my mind about putting things of priority...FIRST! it came to me that the thing that i should be putting first most of all is TIME. time is so available but limited and essential yet freeing. and everything about what im motivated to do is contingent in God's timing...not my own...

ive been on so many time contraints in the last month that ive just asked God to give me some wiggle room and all i can really hear from Him is that i need to allow that extra 15-30 minutes i waste doing the miscelleanous to stay focused on the agenda He has laid out. a leap of faith. a moment to step out of the ordinary to be in unordinary spaces and be welcomed by them...

i realized that first hand today as i stepped into a room of women i did not know and pitched several of them my goals and vision. scary and out of the ordinary but so welcoming. it was out of my comfort zone, but i didnt know that stepping out of my comfort zone would be so comforting.

i praise God for this short season to fully fellowship with Him out of distractions, but im looking forward to what lies ahead and whatever these  next days of the fast have in store. i have a few days until my move and a few days until i confirm that i have the next job im hoping for. please pray, Saints!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

dare i say...BUMP WORTHY???

yes, indeed. i've found a new track that i actually really like! took a short road trip this past week, and i'm a Sirius radio lover so THE HEAT was definately my station of choice. they kept playing this song, which i assume is new, by Jim Jones called "Perfect Day".

I'm an avid music lover, mostly extra old stuff. I enjoy that music more often because it always makes me feel like I'm going through a story. I like to visualize where the artist is taking me, the sounds they put together to take you there and the lyrical content is the foundation. It's like building a cake!

Won't lie, I never found myself to be in love with anything by Jim Jones, but this one is definately a softer touch and definately something I like. I'm actually looking forward to whatever new things he has going on that might be similar to this new single's feel.

Dare I say...BUMP WORTHY??! Yes, it is! Great flow, variety in beat and decent lyrical content that you can see exactly where he's going. He takes you there, and you don't feel like you will probably get shot going there. LOL I mean, the dude IS pretyt intimidating. Didn't you see that episode of HipHop Wives?? Ow, lawd. Anyway, please enjoy.

It's a beautiful day in Houston. I'm impressed with this track, and it's very fitting for the day. Aren't we all just looking forward to a "perfect day"?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

is charlie sheen "winning"?

now that the media chaos surrounding charlie sheen has died down because he is now on "tour", i have seen any RAVE reviews about his "performances" at all. yes, these " " are intentional.

i will not lie. when charlie sheen started acting crazy, i was watching every interview to catch his newest catch phrase or some other craziness that would come out of his mouth. it was hilarious and contagious to watch but now i feel like an accessory to uber foolishness. charlie sheen CLEARLY needs help.

from the latest show reviews, this "tour" has no substance. i would never consider paying to see him spiral but i wonder what kind of people would actually pay to sit in an arena to hear him spit the craziness that he spit on television. are Americas really THAT insensitive...and stupid with money? i read in an article that people started booing when he became too "preachy" and continued to say that "nobody wants to hear about that". They also booed him when he said he was no longer doing drugs. How disgusting, right? That the sole purpose of paying to see him is to see him act crazy. Who would PAY for that?

it makes to me wonder about the moral compass of the nation and the moral compass of most people...i should really reserve that for a different discussion...

but back to the question: is charlie sheen "winning"? YES! he's on "tour" with the sole intent to cash in your stupidity before you actually come to your senses. not only that, he's called out his audiences, in his narcissistic way, to state that they paid to see him and had NO IDEA what they were getting...he's got your money already and none of the shows are refundable...GENIUS!

if charlie sheen is on drugs...what is everybody else on?

Friday, April 8, 2011

ode to my loaner phone

i have a motorola cliq....less a than a year of having it and it hates me. it's not longer charging and it has a mind of its own. it comes on and off when it wants to and it ends my calls whenever it feels like...pretty freakin annoying. but i love the features of this phone. it's death (or unconscious state) has left me phone for a little while. pretty depressing.

found out tmobile has loaner phone....yyeeesss. totally put them in a positive place in my book after being pissed at them for so long with their wack phones...but this loaner phone isnt like a phone ive seen since the first time i had a phone ages ago...

it's basic. the basic functions. the sum of everything u basically need a phone and one thing that a smartphone DEFINATELY cannot compete with...BATTERY LIFE! i have literally not put this phone a charger in probably...3 days and it hasnt moved from full battery yet! every smartphone owner knows that this is basically unheard of. even more so, you know that leaving your house WITHOUT your phone charger is just an evil mistake waiting to happen.

so i just wanted to give a dedication to the loaner: Sony Ericsson Equinox for being so darn awesome despite being uber basic. and in honor of the "ode" i'd like to share a song that pays an "ode to marvin" =) enjoy

Monday, April 4, 2011

FAST REPORT: did you ask for it?

i had every sole intention to talk about a bumper sticker i saw on a car today. ive seen it 2-3 days in a row, but i guess it's fitting to include it in the new topic that just came to me while watching Steve Harvey host Praise the Lord on TBN. he made a statement that started ringing bells in my head: a passion and a gift is two different things. so whats your gift? have you asked (God)?

i sat there and thought for a minute...going through my mind what my passion(s) and what my gift(s) were and are. based on what he shared, a passion is something that you chase after because you feel like ur obligated to it. its a drive in you. a gift is something that was given to you that cant be taken away but with God...we still have to discover what that is. for some, it is easy to discover. for others, it takes a while. he went on to say that someone once told him that there's two important times in your life: 1. the day you were born 2. the day you discover why you were born

i feel very comfortable in the life God's granted me so far. he has allowed me to become a better giver and in turn, he has blessed me, covered me, allowed good people to be in my life and im grateful. but since starting this fast, since starting some other new like, "Lord...WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO???" It's scary when you feel a little left out of God's loop. Questions go through your mind that possibly you missed that whisper you should have caught.

But I'm on Day 15 of A Call to Die (25 days to go) and the title is "The Risk of Grace". And it's teaching the lesson that real grace is walking in obediance in a radical situation. think about Peter, Paul and countless others who follwoed Christ despite not being aware exactly where Jesus was going.

It reminds that the same goes for following a gift versus seeking after a passion. There's risk. But the common thread is being able to decipher the difference in the direction that you should go....

one of the statements in this Day of the books says: If you and I are serious about following Christ, we can be assured of two things: suffering and God's strength to endue it in faith.

i think that statement brings great comfort to deciding whats a passion and whats your gift in this life. the fear of not knowing when or where to go makes us stay stagnant and deny the innate gift God gave each of us which TAKE RISKS & ASK QUESTIONS.

and so the irony of all the day's events come back to the bumper sticker i saw the past few days: well behaved women rarely make history. God's really keeping my eyes open lately. im challenging myself to decipher my passions and my gifts to pinpoint my missions.

surely God has the answers for us..the question is: are we asking the right questions?

in case you're counting: it's day 11 of the fast.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

dont blow me away.

i was in a solo kind of mood and figured id share one of my favorite songs from the Solo-Angel and Hadley St. Dreams album...

aren't we all like sandcastle sometimes? we're built well but can easily feel like we can be blown away? with one swift motion, everything can some crumbling down. i think that people who are perceived as STRONG are the tallest sandcastles. would you agree? i mean, we have to be strong, confident and bold for so many reasons. our hopes are to see the well intentions of those around us and to be disappointed makes the sandcastle walls crumble a little bit.

aren't we all like sandcastles sometimes?

idk..i was just in a Solo mood. seriously, this album kills. happy Sunday.