Saturday, October 22, 2011


The 4 minutes. Yes, in 4 minutes. I was captivated when this was shared with us last night, and I couldn't have found a better way to sum up Jehovah. I hope this encourages you like it did me!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


He is here and here am i…
Yeah, I could use better words for it like…
Yo, im absorbed in his possession and im attracted to his vibration
Captivated by his dynamic, full and exciting glow right now
Nah, none of that is necessary…
Because in just a minutes I’ll teach you what he taught me
Less is better. 
No need for new big and philosophical words to convey a message.
Because right now…we are here
he is shifted on his left side with me on his right side
his right hand sifting through my hair as he eases into sleep
wish you could see him…I call him beautiful. He calls me strength
See, simple words.
I can’t sleep. I’m laying next to beautiful and how many beautiful men do I know?
Besides Jesus and my daddy…he is the third. He’s completed my trinity. I love him.
I determined this before making love to him, yes, tonight…
He shared his passions with me – in short words of course
Love. Family. Revolution.
“It all begins in the heart,” He said. “Men need to know how the heart works to enact change,” He continued. I listened. He’s a teacher. I’m a student.
“Heart? Really?” I asked. He was coiling my lengthy cotton-esque hair in his fingers.
“Heart. But it’s because of strength. Heart comes from strength. It overcomes. It towers because it has a mission. You are strength. I am heart.”
Nope, I’ve determined he is beautiful.
I realized it even more so afterwards when he kissed me softly on my shoulders and repositioned his place in my life with a simply being honest. real. open.
I'm overwhelmed that I even know him. 
I am grateful.
He is beautiful.