Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BUMP WORTHY: summer trax

A little over a month since my last post, folks! Are you excited about what God is doing for you? Through you? I AM!

I'd like to share a few tracks though that are just absolutely awesome to me right now in no particular order at all!

1. Solange "Left Side Drive"
2. Beyonce "1+1"
3. Vashawn Mitchell "Nobody Greater"
4. Kirk Franklin "Smile"
5. Rihanna "Man Down"

i love this song. solange has really grown on me alot these past few years listening to her music. she's in her own lane, and it's nothing like her sister...which is refreshing to me. plus, she cut all her hair off and now has a super sick disgustly awesome afo...i loves her for that! it's a beautiful soft indie type track.

loovveeeee this song! ugh, makes you realize how REAL love is. love love LOVE this one. im gonna pretend that she never released that nonsense called "run the world" and this is OFFICIALLY the original single. im a sucker for a beautiful love song. you can feel the love in this and whats better than summer love? :)

not only is he absolutely talented...he's absolutely handsome and most importantly...he loves the Lord! ive loved this song since i first heard and the video just brought life to it. every song vashawn has released has pulled at my heart strings about what it means to lavish your love on the Lord! when i hear a vashawn track, i wanna be that woman who dipped her hair in the perfume and wiped Jesus' feet with it! you're reminded of just how truly awesome God is and how truly unworthy we are and just how gracious He really is. man, thats really really what love is.

i didnt like this song at first! idk why but i didnt. it grew on me after awhile. i had to focus in on the lyrics. i heard it on the radio one day after work and i just started to smile. the song is infectious! i just started to think about how much God has given to me thats allowed me to even be able to AFFORD the car that im driving right now! then i realized the video was released on 106...went to peep it and danggone thing ha a few tears in the corners of my eyes. God is awesome, man! the colorfulness of this video just really makes you smile and we are so lucky God uses men like Kirk to bring to life His Word through music.

nothing really special about why i love this song! i dont think there's a video for it yet, but im a sucker for a good reggae jam! Aren't all Caribbean/African people?

on that note. EVERYTHING is well with my soul right now. God has been doing a good work around me, for me and through me (even if i dont see it), and im grateful for it all. sooooo many lessons learned in this short month season. i hope you love these songs like i do. =)