Friday, June 24, 2011

excercise myths...BUSTED!

Happy Friday! This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it! (Psalm 118:24)

I woke up this morning and realized I lost some weight when I jumped on the scale. Sweet! That's what I thought in my head. Pretty good since I haven't hit the gym in a little over a week because my knee had become bothersome (thanks to an old knee injury from highschool cheerleading). So, I had to chill on those 6 mile runs and started subbing them for pole dancing (yes! pole dancing) & dance in general. Wow! These are indeed body shaping substitutes that I'm proud of! Needless to say, I'll probably be back in the gym soon, but my healthy eating (aside for cupcakes and ice creams weekly) I'm doing pretty darn good and I look pretty good too (if I do say do myself)!

ANYWAY, I was browsing CNN and came across this great article. I hate reading health fitness articles. Everybody has a different perspective, and I've come to the conclusion that if you know your body you know what works for you! However, this article helped put some long mystifying thoughts in my head (and from what i've heard) to rest! READ IT HERE. IT'S FRIDAY. Your boss isn't watching. =)


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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"thats gay!"

i was on TMZ earlier today and saw that Chris Brown made "news". any surprises there? anywho, all the attention has been brought to some words that Chris said. you can WATCH IT HERE.

now, Chris Brown doesnt to be the brightest crayon in the box nor has he appeared to learn that what he says will be sooo scrutinized that it would be in his best interest to shut up (so he probably continues to bring this on himself because he's stupid) but...offensive? idk! what he said could have been said by any black guy i run into. using "gay" can have many connotations (connotation means: a commonly known phrase) quite similar to how "nigga" is used (which is also stupidly said to the camera SMH). now, i have friends who were or have been GLBT, so i assume im a little bit understanding. i admit Chris Brown is DUMB...but a HOMOPHOBE??! i think thats just going too far!

i only single out this instance to say that we are living in a society that SUPER sensitive and SUPER intolerately tolerate. what i mean is...if you say ANYTHING that doesnt agree to the majority, you're absolutely wrong, things are taken out of context and you're a monster. On TMZ, right now, Chris Brown has issued an apology that TMZ quotes as saying "half ass". I don't even think Chris needed to apologize for saying, "that's gay". He might need to have apologize for being an idiot more than anything! Watch what you say with people! I wouldn't hang out with certain people and use the word "nigga" because it still makes people uncomfortable. If with family, it isn't abnormal for that word to be used.

one of the girls from TMZ stated, and i paraphrase, "i wouldnt want someone going around saying 'thats black'" well...that doesnt even coincide with this same argument. again, the connotation in which Chris used "gay" wasnt intended to say: "thats [a man who sleeps with other men]". thats out of context. to say "thats black" would be aiming at a race of people and Chris wasnt targeting a group of people. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO SENSITIVE??! get over yourself!

i was just reading today another place, in the Bible in fact, where a word could easily be taken out of context. Luke 14:26 says, "If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple." Wait, did Jesus just say HATE your parents??! I guess he's also whatever -phobe people will come up with. But Jesus saying HATE hear is not the HATE that readily comes to mind. Jesus is trying to bridge the importance of denying your carnal temptation to allow others to distract you from following him. However, the connotation doesnt necessary mean to HATE your parents the way we know it to mean. It was just a stronger way of voicing a thought to get across a point. See, a different connotation. 

im often really annoyed by the GLBT organizations that are quick to jump on people who appear to be intolerate to their alternative lifestyle yet SO intolerate to those who say ANYTHING that offends them as if no GLBT, individually, cannot be offensive. Now an entire coalition needs to be defended against a 20 something kid saying, "thats gay!"??? Now, I'm officially offended, and I totally think that's gay.

I guess we both should be going to sensitivity training. Sorry if I offended anyone. 

happy hump day: memory.

i was browsing YouTube and this video was suggested to me. OOOHHH MYYY GAAAHHHH...i remember singing this song at Hightower...2004..graduation! super long time ago (when i think about it). this song was sad..but freshing! we were all so young then...embarking on so many new beginnings! the person am i now and the new people ive come to know...i would have never thought it for myself! good memories with this song! it's hump day! am i the only one glad? =) by the way, we sang waaayyy better than them. check out the bass line tho!

loss of innocence

the loss of innocence

i simply have been revoked innocence
it's as if it doesnt even EXIST anymore
that simplicity is no longer equitable to me...or you
& accepting that fact might be the hardest thing to do

i heard when you've taken away almost everything somebody knows
they become a different person - strictly in survival mode
they just have the need to survive and the will to live
..& thats when everything that brought comfort & innocence was taken away
Innocence doesn’t live in them anymore…

sometimes i wish i could go back there...
like, you think a few years ago when your mind couldnt wrap around
some of the things that now your mind cant help but wonder about...
remember when lisa frank stickers was your biggest argument?
& not about issues with the bank over your credit card bill?
Remember when playing in a loose field meant trying to find a four leaf clover to play,
“He loovveesss me, he loves me not…”

& the world doesnt allow room for simplicity anymore
everything is over the TOP
nothing of VALUE is valued
someone has to GIVE but no one EVER does
people who were once "friends" become strangers...
...& you're not even interested in them anymore...
its ALWAYS about u & never about US
how can i help you? What do you need?
I mean, what ever happened to community?
just the DESIRE to care for someone and never expecting anything in return…
can we just to be a brother or sister's keeper...??

i just miss the innocence & i mourn its loss....
that one day...
my children (and yours) are going to come into the world where "happiness" equals wealth
over-stimulated by reality tv, sex, lust and money
& Hell becomes an unreal place that it's synonymous to "Heaven" on Earth
i fear for the world & its people...

so i wear my black veil in silence
see, i see people i thought i knew and pray for them...
with wisdom comes a state of misery that nothing that once was makes SENSE nemore
I more you, innocence
if no one misses you - at least i do
cause id give back all the flesh & contents i own..
to rekindle what God wanted us to NEVER take forgranted...

Monday, June 20, 2011

fear is so uncool.

topic this morning: FEAR.

i once heard someone say: fear is fake evidence appearing real.

i always thought that sounded corny as hell. & it still does but i can see where the logic came from and my mind was busy in another dimension when this acrynomn crossed my mind and im like wait...what if fear is REAL? is that impossible?

people have fears all the time. they have fears of REAL situations. fear of losing their job due to lay offs. fear of not being a good parent with a new baby on the way. fear of marriage. fear of intimacy. fear of God. fear of life. fear of aspirations. fear of going into a new business venture. fear of meeting new people. fear of...anything. fear is real to me.

& i consider what fear evokes in people. it creates a whole line of "what-if" situations. it makes us second guess our first mind. or maybe it's our first mind asking us to make sense of a very real fear.

i was listening to a sermon from T.D. Jakes that my sister <3 sent me about making decisions. i probably listened to the part 4 sermon 3 times at work that day and im like...he makes such a complex thought process sound so easy. is God really that easy or do we just complicate Him because of fear? lack of faith?

i recall Jakes saying: you don't have to call on the Lord when you need to go to the bathroom to get His advice on that. He created your mind to make sense of that but you NEED to speak to Him when a decision becomes a point of transition. you dont just DIVE into a situation & then pray. by then, you would have probably made...a bad decision...

& so i look at myself! sometimes i think i THINK too much. how about putting faith to work so i can work less! how about truly praying for decernment so i can relinquish control of uncontrollable situations. how much feeling at ease w/ the concept of fear....

i am a prayerful person. i ask alot of questions. i appreciate these things about me. but at some point...enough is enough. either you're in it or you're not & just perservere through the fear. GOOD things can also be FEARFUL

& so i go back to my opening statement from someone i heard tell me before: fear is fake evidence appearing real. see, i think this applies when you've come to a place where you're SURE of something yet SCARED of the outcome of it all. the hurdles that you'll have to cross over. the pain you're going to have feel. the emotions that may live w/ you forever in the process. that's FEARFUL.

but i love Hebrews 11:1 [[faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see]] because it often reminds me that FEAR can be FAKE in very REAL situations. it's like a test of faith. a test of your endurance. a test of your knowledge. a test of strength.

this entry is definately a testament for me right now but im sure it could be for you too. keep pushing. seek counsel & pray often. a confirmation will come & you'll just move in the MIDST of the FEAR! i've spent the entire month teaching the lesson about FAITH and men and women in the Bible who acted in FEAR through FAITH.

i recall when Jesus went to fast for 40 days and 40 nights and the Devil came to tempt Him. can you imagine...the devil coming to tempt Jesus Himself? The mighty Son of the Father? hmph, not once should we believe that we're exempt from these tough times but thank God for His Word and His Son who have offered endless examples...

day 31 - praying

i love the melody but why u keep forgetting the bass line?

^^ please watch. features Trombone Shorty. got acquainted with his talented while watching Treme. SICKNESS on the trombone. but the band is a killer!

wont lie. im not a sanger...i just like to sing. i like to dance around my living room for my own pure entertainment. i love music. and i was listening to Beyonce's 1+1, and it reminded me why i loved music. i was a band geek for 4 years, and i played the most unlikely instrument. the trombone. in my opinion, its the baddesstt bass line instrument, period! but i could simply be being biased. anywho, the only chick in the line, and i fell in love with this manly instrument.

there's something about a composition that it's beautiful unless you have a great bass line. the bass line dynamics are subtle but strong. when i played, we were always coming in towards the second verse of a piece, but it wasnt until we came in that i would notice our conductor feel in complete harmony. "yeesss..." he yelled while he conducted us. idk if he was having an orgasm or whether it was just complete joy in how beautiful it sounded up there. sitting in the back, even i could feel it when it was beautiful. my God...who reads music like that anymore? it's just something about it...

so when i was listening to 1+1 at work one day with my earphones on, i was captured. i heard a composition. i felt the musicality present in this song, and i heard the instruments. i heard the bass line. it was strong. it was present, and i was engulfed by it. i mean, i just dont get to enjoy music like i used to. listening to certain songs just to hear the instruments and the arrangement.

i used to envy those 1st soprano singers and treble clef instruments all in the spotlight..but who cares...the bass line is the icing on the cake and the foundation that holds the whole thing together. and ive reignited my love affair with music...if it'll have me...

if you havent heard 1+1 by Beyonce can hear it here