Friday, July 8, 2011

It's summer! What ru doing?

Summer has been in Houston since March/April, but it's officially in full force, and you should be enjoying all that it has to offer! So the question looms, what are you doing? Trying anything new?

I've compiled a list of upcoming events in the city and state wide you should be taking advantage of when you can! Aside from the usual, try some of these to add some quirky to your routine!

- Houston's Restaurant Weeks (August 1-31) If there's nothing more we like to do in Houston, we LOVE to eat! New eateries, dessert bars and interesting boutique style spots are all over the city! Check out more info here:

- Reggae Fest (October 15-16) Make your calendars! Houston is hosting the Good Karma Fest. Details are still pending and will be posted here:

- Scott Gertner's Sky Bar (August 2011) You're probably saying, "It's closed!" Yes, the old location in 4th ward is closed, but the new location is being resurrected downtown at Houston Pavillion and way better than the one we all remember! You can "like" SkyBar on Facebook to stay updated. According to the website, VIP membership is being solicited. If interested, go here:

- Do you love wine? (Every other Wednesday & special events) Attended some of these great events and had a great time! Opportunity to meet new people, sip a little wine and relax! I recommend ladies to attend: Women & Wine Wednesdays. You can receive the meeting dates at different venues here: but all are welcome to Water 2 Wine for dates, meetings and they also host an array of events. This week, they are having a gathering for happy hour priced wines by the glass, tastings and a movie! Need I say more?

There's plenty of venues that have great happy hours, networking events and gathering places to meet new people just search them out! Houston Press is a great resource for interesting things to check out!