Wednesday, March 21, 2012

grapeseed oil. the new black.

i swear by olive oil on my hair. for moisture and shine, its done me wonders. but about a month or two ago i bought grapeseed oil. i read it was good for the skin while i was looking for new ways to enhance my skin treatment natural since i started noticing i was breaking out again (namely because my skin is soooo oily).

welp, upon needing to wash my hair again, i decided it may be time to cut my infatuation with olive oil for a bit and check out this grapeseed oil on my hair and on my skin! the above photo is of the brand of grapeseed oil that i use and personally bought at my local grocer Kroger's-la tourangelle grapeseed oil

some of the benefits below:

- high in antioxidants
- can slow the process of aging
- high amount of linoleic acid making it great for moisturizing the skin (including lips)

but heres what ive discovered using it myself and how i used it!

- face: i did nothing special! i exfoliated my skin (with apricot scrub i bought at the store or you can use all natural sugar that isnt "pure" yet to exfoliate which is way better considering the nature's content) and applied the oil lightly on my face&neck and allowed my skin to absorb it. it works has a cleanser and moisturizer and my skin didnt even look oily after - major points!

- skin: very similar to how i use olive oil with ALL OVER application. i use olive oil like lotion and towel it off a bit but grapeseed oil is pretty thin and i just applied it like did lotion in any other situation. i LOVE how it works on my skin and here's a tidbit: it's GREAT on stretch marks. officially my go to sh*t right now!

- hair: i washed my hair, towel dry lightly and used the oil as a hot oil treatment. using a microwave safe container, i heated the oil for about 30 seconds and parted my hair in 4 sections. its alot harder because im natural but it could be easier for you! i applied the oil starting from the back and applied to the sections as evenly as possible (not perfect), went back and made sure i got my ends (because they need the more moisture) and then massaged my scalp with it. VERY great oil overall. i kept it on for about 30 minutes and rinsed applying a little conditioner but in hindsight i dont think i needed the conditioner at all. it's ready to style and go at that point! my hair felt light, full and of course shiny! loved it. i ended up doing some french braids and with a little leave in it was easy to handle! whew!

so thats my take! im officially a believer and will continue using it to see how future results go and see how long my shine lasts before ill need to use more oil on my hair. since i work out, it will probably be soon!

here's another secret of grapeseed oil, because it's all natural, colorless and a light oil, it can be used a lubricant! take that tidbit as you will but dont go buy that expensive extra stuff when your kitchen can literally provide all your needs! =)

Friday, March 2, 2012

one night

tall. handsome. you.
charming. chivalrous. you.
always listening and attentive.
close enough for your energy to linger on me.
far enough for me to want more.
nothing like im used to.
everything i want
half of what i need.
f_ck it. roll with it.
soak in it. dark corners like steamy saunas.
like birthday cake on an off day.
lovin on a rainy day.
day dreams in evident nightmares.
f_ck it. roll with it.
soak in it. like its all the way real.
til the sun rises and we sneaking past each other's eyes.
lies and faitytales.
ill take it.
just tonight.