Monday, September 27, 2010

make love in cool weather.

i really do love what love is. and considering that many people via facebook and in my life or either engaged...married or embarking on promising relationships...i look forward to whatever that love looks like for me. not at all jealous. i am VERY content in what my journey in life looks like right now. God has been so effortlessly faithful to me. He has been a teacher & a provider without my realizing that all the things around me are for the greater good of His purpose for me. & as the weather is currently changing in Houston...i thought about this morning the Book of Ecclesiastes where it goes on to explain all the "times" there are in life. and i thought to myself..nowhere does it say it's a time to be blessed. why is that? because we're blessed in every season! the fact that we get to FEEL the changing weather reminds me that we're alive. there is energy running through us and we still can do what God has purposed for us to do. & then i reflect on my own place in life where i've simply embraced CHANGE. i look forward to change because i know it's God's way of shifting things.

i just want to encourage others to embrace change. embrace shifts and allow your ear to close to whatever it is the Spirit within and around you is trying to say. The Word says many times that we must discern His voice over others. we can only do that through prayer, meditation and alone time to reflect. take it. receive it & share it.

i just felt really positive about that Message on my heart this morning because God has been continuously abundant in all things around me. so a lil chill this morning was actually...refreshing. change in the weather just means a new reflection of & life.

happy monday.

Monday, September 20, 2010

my tattoo story.

happy monday =)

so the last few days..probably out of boredom...i've been thinking about getting a new tattoo. yup, a new one. maybe a bigger one, but i havent found anything that has provoked me to be like, "yeah, i want them!" but then i think about the last two tattoos i got. random and not well thought out..but when i walked in the parlor i found what i thought FIT ME at that time.

i hear people say: dont get senseless tattoos. but whats senseless to you may not be senseless to the person who got it even if its a tweety bird, right? like, maybe that symbolizes something about them that they permanently want to be reminded of. not something i would do but hey *shrugs*

ne who, so i'll share my tattoo story which is probably lead to giving me some idea of what my next tattoo will be.

scorpion - on foot (latest - may2009)
* i got it largely because it is my zodiac sign but the position of the tattoo was more important to me. close to all the nerves related to the every sensation of my body. it's a constant reminder that the pain getting it is just like the pain a scorpion can inflct. sneaky in nature and only provoked by threats. it says alot about me without having to say much. besides that, the period i was in my life at that moment REQUIRED this tattoo. a scorpion is a fighter by nature w/ outward defenses but my defenses aren't outward in nature. my scorpion tells me im in control of everything around me and nothing can overwhelm you or attack you unless you allow it to. at that time, i needed to be reminded of that.

flower w/ a vine - inside wrist (first - feb2009)
* symbolizes a period of change in my life. know that song w/ Aretha Franklin?lyrics: a rose is still a rose. babygirl, you're just a flower. yup, very much me realizing there were many more journeys i needed to go. it's small and often unnoticeable but when i see it im reminded of the conbo i had w/ the artist. i told him it was my first time. i asked him "will it hurt" & he said "of course! but it doesnt hurt worse than a broken heart" wow. it hit alot of realities w/ me right then. again, the position meant everything. inside the wrist. close to the nerves. the pain was...surreal but when it was over..i lived. it hurt but i lived. it hurt but i lived. yup, i was in a season of tough times and that flower w/ the vines have alot of growing to do...

ne who. that was just on my mind this evening. & so is this song. enoy.

of montreal "the past is a grotesque animal" -
of montreal - i <3 u. i freakn <3 u.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mobilizing Houston - A Vision of the Future

Wow, after attending the Urban League event on September 14th, it brought some awareness to things in the city that I wasn’t aware of. The events speaker, Professor Stephen Klineberg, provided some pertinent information that brings some reality to the reality of the Houston spectrum. Two topics that were the most concerning to me were education and career development not only the providing of jobs. In the black community of Houston of low income and certain segments of the middle class, the lack of awareness, access, understanding and familiar issues have put many of us in a category of a third world state. Things are happening around us, but we’re making any input. Why?

Here are some key items from Professor Klineberg’s Houston Area Survey I learned:

- In 2010, 67% of survey respondends agree that “There are very few good jobs in today’s economy for people without a college education.” In the 2008 survey, 74% disagreed that “A high school education is enough to get a job.” But when I hear this, I continuously wonder why schools with more minority students tend to have lower expectations and 4 year plans that don’t equip these students will the world’s extra high expectations.

- In a graph, he displayed the contrasting quarter centuries since WWII that really messed me up. The relationship between the increase in before tax incomes and the periods 1949-1979 and 1979-2003. In the 1049-1979 frame, the bottom 20% and other income levels were relatively steady and rising at faster rates than the top 5%. In the recent latter years, the top 5% income is raising at 68% while the bottom 20% is only raising at 4%. Wow. Dynamics change. I attribute many of it to capitalism, and the lack of GENUINE concern for the disadvantaged.

- More than 45% of high school drop outs are African American and Hispanic students in Houston that the survey attributes to social class versus race which is ESSENTIAL for our community to recognize. Many of us may consider that RACE is the prime factor, but it’s the economic class many minorities are in that creates the rift between them and us.

- Today’s seniors are primarily Anglos but have you ever wondered why? National Origins Quota Act of 1924 when immigration was dramatically reduced and newcomers were restricted almost entirely to Western Europeans who were Protestant. However, the Hart Celler Act in 1965 allowed immigration again for the first time to large numbers of non-Europeans based primarily on allowing them to reunite with family already in the states, professional skills or refugee status.

- I draw the conclusion that seniors are more inclined to vote and make an impact on long term decisions than the younger generations. Yet, Houston has taken for granted that we are a majority minority city! Among the other major immigration capitals, Houston is in the forefront. Of our youth and young adults in school, minorities account for about 80% but mostly low income. What does this mean? In the long term, our adults leading will be minorities yet uneducated and incapable of mobilizing the city to make a difference. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

- In another graph, he displays that while the rate by which African Americans are gaining a HS diploma has grown, a college degree is still less than Anglos and Asians and just about ties with US born Latinos. In my opinion, the enhanced level of educational pursuit encourages more worldwide awareness on issues that affect our communities and our own lives. Why? Because we move from survival mode of our low income state to actually living and capable of providing CHANGE that we can be a part of.

At the end of the presentation and the discussion, the question was posed: what are WE going to do about it? One phrase that sticks in my mind from Professor K’s presentation is this that we are entitled to our own opinions regarding politics, religion and other world issues. However, we are NOT entitled to our own facts. Regardless of the sample size of the survey he presented, I take it seriously that in a majority minority city that we are rationing our effectiveness and power with the belief that we HAVE no power simply because we LACK the facts. I’m interested in making an impact in the city that encourages minorities that are not educated to be educated by other educated minorities similar to them to lead by example.

With the upcoming election of our Texas governor position, I highly encourage us to get out and vote, but let’s dialogue in our communities about how to continue to be a network amongst each other. Your local representatives are holding town halls that many of our faces are not attending. Let’s begin to be the change instead of expect others to present the change for us.

Helpful Links: << details of the Survey quoted above << organization that hosted the event
* also helpful to Google information about the candidates - Rick Perry & Bill White

October 4 - last day to regist to vote
October 18 - first day of early voting
October 26 - last day to ballot mail
October 29 - last day of early voting
November 4 - election day


Sunday, September 12, 2010

invitation to rest

I recall the sermon wehere Pastor invited us to "rest". i am receiving that in my spirit! it always seems like hustle mode with everyone but when's the last time u just sat outside and enjoyed all the natural-ness around u? i really reverence any time that i have to do that. Pastor said something interesting, "the very thing you love will start to wear u out..."

-- does that ring a bell with you? i know it did & does with me. i'm finally crafting my skills and my strengths and now i feel like they wearing me out and im too early in their stages to even be wearied yet but i love how I'm encouraged with this Word of Matthew 6:21 saying where my treasure is there i will be also and im sittin hear like i hope one day He'll just be like "good job faithful servant" cause im fearful that i cant beat my worst enemy which is myself...funny how i look over the Words and i immediately eye Matthew 8:26, "Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?"

WOW! God has an on time Word for you. stay steadfast & His promises will surely come to pass. We have to travel through the wilderness & the valley just like the people of the Old Testament but were they not delivered? If God cares for the birds of the air and the fish of the sea, we dare not believe He will not do the same for us!
I just wanted to share that message. It was on my heart this morning.

Friday, September 10, 2010

get some *yum yum* in your hair (natural hair food)

I recently completed an article about 3 key food products that I discovered to be AH-MAZ-ING on your hair. But let me break down the reason I went natural in the first place. I wanted to get a new hairstyle one day when I realized that my hair color was recking havoc on my head. I needed to allow the color to grow out and getting a protective weave seemed feasible. At the time, I was a junior and a broke college kid =( so when I called my beautician and she told me she was going to charge me upwards $100 at the minimum...not only did I drop her as my stylist but I also decided to drop my perm!

€Maybe paying that much for a weave is "cheap" to some people...even now that I make decent money I kind of think that's crazy but to each their own. This is what brought me to my "ah-ha" hair moment. It was time to transition. My then boyfriend just happened to be forced to go on the journey with me, and I became a research addict about hair products. What was in hair products. What reviewers had to say about the products that I was currently using and most of them..not all..were pretty much telling me what my hair was telling's drying your hair out, the pH is too strong for your hair type, this stuff is full of chemicals & it's killing your hair! no need to mention the products but best believe i still have some of those tubes in a box somewhere because i vowed to never use them again! with that being said, i started from stratch and figured that with my budget...the best way to do this was to go cheap & keep it simple!

please reference my article at AC for the named products and some of their components and benefits! the article should become available on the right of the screen soon if not already posted!

here's some of my hair recipes that did a sure help on my head. now that im going to be transitioning once next shopping trip will consist of these!


During my transition and after...honey was definately a good way to avoid using conditioners that I didn't quite trust yet. I was still researching products that I was willing to try. Be sure that it's 100% pure honey. I'm not sure if imitation will work as well. I used honey for a moisturizer and allowed as such:

Because the 100% honey is thick, I recommend putting a tablespoon or two of olive oil in the mix of honey in a bowl. Part the hair in four sections and apply to the hair (root to end) as if applying a relaxer. It's good to sit under a dryer but be sure you have a towel around your shoulders. When you're done, put on a shower cap. I allowed this to sit on my head for upward about 30 minutes to an hour depending on how kinky my hair was. Some people I've read have also slept in it overnight. You rinse it and then use a mild shampoo to get out the residue. When I went to research mild AND cheap shampoo I fell for the Suave line. The White Rain line is okay to use as well. Most of the ingrediants were things I could pronounced and recognized as extracts that were safe on the hair like apple and coconut. You can now dry and style it as normal. Added bonus: natural shine of the hair without sheens.


Any thing that I use usually has coconut in it. I love the smell, but who knew it could promote hair growth??! While in the process of experimenting with kitchen products, I read an article that mentioned that coconut oil/milk contains fats that are good for you. I'm not sure if the logic is right but I thought: hmm...fats will do what...make you grow! ta-da! Hence, I got into coconut and read other people were using it as well. Coconut has several benefits, but here's one way that I applied it:

Make sure you have a towel handy. Put some of the coconut milk/oil in a bowl and use your fingers to apply it to your scalp and work your way to the end. Continue the process until all of the hair is covered. Apply a shower cap and again let it sit for at least 30 minutes. I have actually slept overnight with the mixture on my head. Rinse and shampoo with something mild and organic/natural in substance. You can dry and style as normal.


Ever heard the saying, the darker the berry the sweeter the juice? Well, it isn't exactly the case here but close enough! If you're going to use olive oil, extra virgin is the way to go. It's the most organic of the olive oils you can find or at least an organic cold-pressed version is just as good. The darker the green, the more virgin it is. Based on the research, I found that olive oil also contains fats that are great for your skin & easily disgestive in the body. Who knew all these fats were actually on your side? I'll never believe what I hear on tv again! (lol) But out of all the above items I've used, the olive oil was my favorite although I needed some help with the application. In the beginning of my transition, I didn't need think so much. However, when my hair was getting bigger & I was close to having a "BIG CHOP" I was sure my natural & relaxed hair were surely in battle. Olive oil is a great natural hot oil treatment:

Some people heat the oil some don't. The oil is finer when it is heated. I heat mines for just a little bit before I part it in four and apply (root to end) like a relaxer. I keep up the process until the hair is saturated. You can sit under the dryer for about 2-3 minutes to get the oil heated, but it will run down your face. Prepare for it. I'd keep it on for about 30 minutes or more. You can also sleep in it overnight. Be sure you have on a shower cap or two..or three! You'll rinse with a good mild but natual shampoo. Dry and style as usual.


Many other sites will give you measurements; however, it depends on the size of your head and what works best for you. I never followed the instructions completely. For me, the transition process was a good way to experiment with what worked for ME and exactly some instructions, so I encourage others to do the same.



-- ALWAYS look at the labels. Even though I don't find myself having the time to really cater to my hair like I used to, if you HAVE to buy, make sure you know what you're buying. Read the ingrediants on the product labels before you apply them to your hair. I'm very conscious about that. If your shampboo contains alcohol, be conscious of the percentage. My current stylist taught me that! Try to avoid alcohol in your shampoos and conditioners at all costs. Make sure you can recognize the ingrediants. I always go for the ones with the extracts and also names like: Choldohogjshofium <-- can't pronounce that, see?

-- AVOID MINERAL OIL. simple as that. if you buy an oil that you're using for your scalp ro any moisturizers for your hair, mineral oil is a clogger. avoid it. try things with coconut, seed or other fruit based oils.



1. Do research on products and things in your kitchen that could be good for your hair!
2. Don't be lazy! Utilize the things that the earch & God have provided. There are also remedies and skin treatments of the items I mentioned above. You should definately check them out by following Tip #1.
3. Protect your hair in every season! What works in the summer may not work in the winter for you. Back to Tip #1!
4. Use protective styles to not overwhelm your hair like weaves, buns, braids, pony tails etc. It will also stimulate growth and allow your hair to go through it's natural process.

Personally, I'm excited to try to natural process of transitioning again! I'm currently experimenting with protective styles (that I perform on my own) and look forward to how it turns out. After I went natural the first time, both of my sisters have transitioned and natural products are the way to go whether from the kitchen or your corner beauty supply! Good luck =)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

BUMP WORTHY: Theo London is kinda dope.

i likes this kid! after hearing "sandcastles" with soloange & heard was on it..i wanted to look him up and see if he had any solo projects. low & behold..he did! im kinda hip to it. the sound is different but it reminds me of some of the UK pop..soul...indie sound that i got into over a year ago. yup, im still jammin Black Kidz old jams like its new new! ne who, check him out. mixtape tracks & all. i dont endorse nonsense so you should definately check it out!

p.s. out of fun..i attached a Black Kids track that i love =)

theo london

black kids

--> 1 of the coolest bands ever.

Monday, September 6, 2010

BUMP WORTHY: Tony Henry w/ love songs & such...

so after hearing this guy perform at church one before..i've put him back in rotation to some artists that i like and don't listen to that often. you should definately check it out. he has some other music, but this is the song that i first heard from him that's really on point. enjoy!

au naturale...

*sighs* im in a hair dilemma!

transition into being natural again or continue with the creamy crack! idk why this appears like a tough decision. after spending time transitioning the last time & really seeing a substantial amount of hair growth...i kind of miss that! although transitioning was short it felt like it took forever but it allowed me to be adventurous with the things that i used in my hair and on my skin.

since i decided to go back to getting realxers EVERYONE i know is officially natural! back when i was the only one natural...and i guess i kind miss the BLACK POWER look. lol and better yet the free-ness but the hair. natural hair isnt has sensitive as relaxed hair and can with stand more volatile situations.

so it looks like im deciding to transition yet again and embrace, weaves, wigs & hair pieces for versatility to my hair. besides, im learning how to do it myself and im really enjoying the process! and it's all freaking out people i work with and others that are used to me staying short in the hair.

THIS is what i love about can alter your ego for a day =) & the stares aren't half bad either since i really dont give a care w/ most others think! so surely i'll try to document the hair journey as i did the first time. when i take this new do definately going to get a professional deep conditioning and go into full load transitioning with natural products (which is most of what i stick to these days anyway)

*sighs* please pray for me. transitioning is a spiritual journey in and of itself! requiring all the fruits of the spirit! so, here i come fro-liciousness!

my short hurr season:

my freebird afro crazy season:

my latest protective styles:

Friday, September 3, 2010

BUMP WORTHY: Trip Lee featured new joint on 106!

Soooo I thought it would be a great way to end a Friday on a good note with this new joint from Trip Lee reppin' for the Kingdom! wow, i really liked this video and the message he was trying to convey. did you get it? alot of symbolism which i REALLY enjoy in artistic work. take a listen to the lyrics & definately vote for this video on 106! i NEVER endorse anything on BET but this is definately a big up to see Trip Lee make a continued statement for the Kingdom! how awesome is it to be able to have a platform such as this...

you can also vote for the video here: