Wednesday, September 4, 2013

misconception of single life.

(1) i am not lonely.

i would just like to make that clear. maybe some are but then i would question the integrity of their singleness.

(2) just because im single and nice does not mean im looking

a flirt is often just a flirt. and the end of this day, i'd much rather curl up with my book than with you.

(3) my calendar isn't always available to you mister

dates are exciting, but im not dropping everything for one. before you, i had loving and great relationships with people i enjoy spending time laughing and sharing with. if i have plans to be with them, im sticking to them. pick another day.

(4) yes, it's fun to get lucky...just not tonight...maybe not this yr

respect celibacy. stop trying. it's a turn off. and you'll get turned down abruptly. allow life to progress the relationship. maybe that celibacy shit will go straight out the window. just not tonight.

(5) pity parties are not a girls night out...

it's  for bum b*tches. lady pals, im not sitting around man bashing or trying to figure our why the f*ck you and i are still single. even we are so awesome. we just are. pray for guidance and strength, enjoy life and let it flow. like a stream, it always ends up where it needs to go, right? there is no use in saying how horrible guys are. it's not true. they all aren't horrible. maybe there's been a few bad seeds in your life...what's consistent in that pattern? maybe it's time to self reflect.

(6) toys...

...are for toddlers =/

(7) "i dont wanna dance with you. im here with my girls!"

alot of the time this is true. depends on the gal. sometimes it's a straight up lie, and she's hoping you'll ask for her number. you probably won't, so she's really just there to have fun with her girls!

(8) "let me set you up..."

um, how about no.

(9) dating yourself is strange.

not at all. it's all about self discovery, being outside of your comfort zone and exploring. it's even better with like minded singles who make you feel normal for enjoying being single. often times, the enjoyment of being single comes from great company. singleness is a confidence booster, an opportunity to explore without the fear of hindering someone else and expanding the value you have to offer someone in the future.

being single is all about loving yourself, spending time loving on others and enjoying a fruitful life. although men and women are staying single longer and longer than what alot of women would prefer, it is the changing land space of our lifestyles but our mindset has not caught up with it yet. although marriage and children is an exciting future, it is not anything to rush for but everything to personally prepare yourself to be the best spouse or future parent you can be by being your BEST SELF. no one is perfect but we should always be striving for our personal BEST and consistently on a track where we display EXCELLENCE. those lessons are best learned while we are single, and because of that..i am grateful. you should be too. be proud of yourself. find your passions. seek out goals and chase them. it will be those unforgettable experience that will make the wait worth waiting for.