Monday, January 3, 2011

#1 cause of death amongst blacks??


i hope yours was as FABULOUS as my own!

I definately wanted to share that i saw this commercial that grasped me while in bed all day yesterday. Whether you've made the decision to the pro-choice or pro-life, I think we can all agree that the facts do not lie and quite frankly, this is a huge problem in our community. There is more information available by visiting

In a recent episode Teen Mom's "No Easy Decision", Anne Chan of the Today show gave some commentary and also posted a clip from the gripping episode. It was disturbing, disheartening and also interesting to watch.

A related topic at the Washington Post provided commentary on the episode that gives some insight into what some viewers may have also felt about the teen mom.

However, I was disappointed that the episode or commentators did not bring into discussion the statistics of African America women and the long term and short term effects that this decision can have on the mindset. Even as a 24 yr old stable woman, I cannot imagine what this would do to my psychy. The thought of what could be going through their minds are only a travesty. In addition, the inadequacy of the locales in providing after-math support to these young girls and women after making such a life altering decision. Although many may appear that it is a life saving decision (for the women not the child), it's touch on these women to handle what has happended to them.

I've met and known many women like Markita, and I hope that we will become more responsible in educating our girls and women in how to ABSTAIN rather than how to PREVENT because the only 100% prevention is and I figured thats a whole new disucssion altogether! I know right, HOW DARE ANYONE ASK YOU TO SAVE YOUR BODY! But seriously, we should promote some aspects of avoiding the immediate gratifications of sexual encounters to appreciating the relationships in our lives and courting to marriage. I mean, does courting totally not exist anymore? Probably a totally other discussion as well...hmph...

and on that note, i figured i'd share a classic video.