Wednesday, December 29, 2010

where is he?

so, i woke up one morning. felt this and just wrote it without thinking about it. i like it. it's definately apparent that even though in regular conversation with friends and others im not talking about my subconcious is definately wondering when it is i plan on handling this subsequent event in my life. well, thats totally up to God and not me but im sharing my subconcious thoughts. i thought this song (via video) but pretty fitting to what i think love should be like. i love this song. enjoy.

i talk too much
im so driven that when i wake up my thoughts and visions had already stored up
for me to write in the morning's sun rise

im consumed in the movement and consistently trying to find ways to improve it
methodically, i share my thoughts
spiritually, im lining up
artistically, i am liberated from myself
but thats just me
where is he?

the one to draw me speechless and make this poetic song bird listen..just once
the once to put me in a submissive and caring space - you're the teacher and im the student
and i just want to be in tuned to you
lost in thoughts, sharing visions and our translations are one in the same...
where is he?