Monday, March 28, 2011

where are thou romeo?

so, it looks like im becoming a Dancing with the Stars fan! tuned in for the whole episode tonight for the first time in the history of this show...BIG DEAL! now, it's quite OBVIOUS that there's some handsome fellas on this show, but have you seen Romeo (aka Lil Romeo) lately? dude is looking about right, right?! To add, he was impressive on the dance floor tonight that I was totally motivated to vote for him (and Sugar Ray) tonight and NOT only because he's handsome...or should i say FINE? i havent used that F word in a really long time to describe a man.

not gonna lie...wasnt the lil romeo fan at the slightest. i think i was still stupid on B2K (smh) but i loved this video because it was absolutely hilarious...and the elbow swing at the end is a flippin classic! we probably did this a thousand times in my living room growing up...ahh...lil romeo aint so little NO MO!

annnyywaaayyyy...let me not dwell on all the handsome goodness on the show this season. im excited to see the progress even though i am SURE i will be missing the elimination show tomorrow! day 3 of the social networking fast. how you feeling about DWTS? you watching? =)