Wednesday, June 22, 2011

loss of innocence

the loss of innocence

i simply have been revoked innocence
it's as if it doesnt even EXIST anymore
that simplicity is no longer equitable to me...or you
& accepting that fact might be the hardest thing to do

i heard when you've taken away almost everything somebody knows
they become a different person - strictly in survival mode
they just have the need to survive and the will to live
..& thats when everything that brought comfort & innocence was taken away
Innocence doesn’t live in them anymore…

sometimes i wish i could go back there...
like, you think a few years ago when your mind couldnt wrap around
some of the things that now your mind cant help but wonder about...
remember when lisa frank stickers was your biggest argument?
& not about issues with the bank over your credit card bill?
Remember when playing in a loose field meant trying to find a four leaf clover to play,
“He loovveesss me, he loves me not…”

& the world doesnt allow room for simplicity anymore
everything is over the TOP
nothing of VALUE is valued
someone has to GIVE but no one EVER does
people who were once "friends" become strangers...
...& you're not even interested in them anymore...
its ALWAYS about u & never about US
how can i help you? What do you need?
I mean, what ever happened to community?
just the DESIRE to care for someone and never expecting anything in return…
can we just to be a brother or sister's keeper...??

i just miss the innocence & i mourn its loss....
that one day...
my children (and yours) are going to come into the world where "happiness" equals wealth
over-stimulated by reality tv, sex, lust and money
& Hell becomes an unreal place that it's synonymous to "Heaven" on Earth
i fear for the world & its people...

so i wear my black veil in silence
see, i see people i thought i knew and pray for them...
with wisdom comes a state of misery that nothing that once was makes SENSE nemore
I more you, innocence
if no one misses you - at least i do
cause id give back all the flesh & contents i own..
to rekindle what God wanted us to NEVER take forgranted...