Friday, December 9, 2011

dream on dreamer.

do you know joseph? you might see him in yourself. here's a little background. joseph was the 11th son of jacob and rachel. jacob favored joseph and eventually gave joesph a coat of many colors. this favoritism caused joseph's brothers to envy him greatly.

but the point of all this begins at Genesis 37:1-11 when joseph shares with his brothers two dreams that he had: (1) joseph and his brothers gathered bundles of grain. then, all the grain bundles that had been prepared by the brothers gathered around joseph's bundle and bowed down to it. (2) the sun (father), the the moon (mother) and eleven stars (brothers) bowed down to joseph himself.

these dreams really didn't sit well with the brothers considering the implication that the family would be bowing down to him. even more so, jacob took serious thought to what joseph was saying, and this mad the brothers even more upset!


i think of joesph's story whenever the word VISION crosses my mind. i know im a big dreamer. i accomplish one goal and im already onto the next one that very moment, but as of recently, everything..including vision has seemed overwhelming. everything's moving much faster than i can keep up with.

and joesph's story (which you can read in its entirety from Genesis 37-50) is a constant reminder that dreaming that is ultimately vision will come with alot of combat. if you continue to read his story, he runs into plenty of obstacles. i once read that a dream is an empty vision and vision is a dream taking action. according to scripture, i cannot say that i now believe this to be true. i believe God sets us up for vision to just be revealed even without our help...the key to vision is not always about keeping it in front of you but persevering through the obstacles. i don't recall in his story where joesph spoke blatantly about the steps he was going to take to reach those dreams. he just KNEW what God put in him (another key is knowing God breathed it). he had no idea how they would become true, but he knew that it was God's vision.

take this from joesph...every obstacle is a step. when God puts it (whatever your it is) in you, he doesn't NEED help to make those visions real. all he needs is you to operate as a vessel and in order to do so, you must press through the struggles that make you want to step back and quit. with God, all things are possible. without Him, nothing is worth chasing. don't quit. He needs you to do what He's sent you to do.

dream on dreamers.