Saturday, July 21, 2012

au naturale

a month ago i went and got my hair straighten. i hadnt seen it straight it so long i was kinda nervous how it would turn out. on top of ends were going thru a hell cycle of being under managed and splitting like crazy (sigh) but the length that my hair has generated since going natural again (because this is at least my 2-3rd time going natural) some serious length!

ive since ran it under water and feel completely liberated again now that im not running from any form of water...but i started to realize that being natural started to feel like a burden...

do u KNOW natural women?! some of them take this shit very seriously. ive just grown not to care. i do a twist out and keep it moving...better yet...let me slap on a wig and fake it til i make it. so right before wading in the water and allowing my curls to go free...i went back to underground world of natural blogs looking for something fresh to feed my roots and recovered some new styles

BUT the blessing i received had to be this new term that i found too funny: pre-poo. natural videos kept mentioning it. i had to google it. so, it's basically conditioning ur hair before u shampoo it. in my sounds ridiculous. i gave it a try and i share my recipe below. two words.

GOD SEND. my hair is immaculately soft, manageable and only took me about 10-20 minutes to detangle vs to the old 1.5hr detangle i was slaving through before...close enough to me literally cutting all my hair off...

i cant see myself getting a relaxer again but like many things in my life right now...everything is teaching some kind of lesson....and my hair is always revealing something new in me before it literally comes thru ur head. my inability to handle my hair just was a reflection to how careless i had become about myself for awhile...completely uncommitted to anything bc everything was changing too much. easier to overlook it and until it becomes a mess...and then ur forced to handle it....

i feel a sermon in my spirit but i wont go in....

so on that note...while i praise through these's my prepoo recipe...attempt it for urself or do a lil research...just dont get lost in the blogs unable to find urself...

- 1 part honey (heat up and then add condition to the honey)
- 1 part african black soap conditioner
- 1/4 part of an essential oil (i used olive oil)
- mix these well
- with a brush and comb apply the mix in sections assuring it saturates from root
- leave on the hair over night in a cap or leave on hair for about 1-2 hours
- run hair under warm water
- apply ur regular shampoo [prepooing is suppose to give ur hair some protection from being stripped by a shampoo that may contain ingredients that tend to be harmful to the hair]
- condition ur hair
- i used KINKY CURLY leave in and olive oil mix after drying

what i recovered from this process:
- easier for me to detangle in shorter time while i the shower
- great smell that is still lasting
- the oil helps seal the hair
- less breakage
- great shine
- manageable


my 5head and post the Godsend of kyra straightening my hair!