Monday, September 27, 2010

make love in cool weather.

i really do love what love is. and considering that many people via facebook and in my life or either engaged...married or embarking on promising relationships...i look forward to whatever that love looks like for me. not at all jealous. i am VERY content in what my journey in life looks like right now. God has been so effortlessly faithful to me. He has been a teacher & a provider without my realizing that all the things around me are for the greater good of His purpose for me. & as the weather is currently changing in Houston...i thought about this morning the Book of Ecclesiastes where it goes on to explain all the "times" there are in life. and i thought to myself..nowhere does it say it's a time to be blessed. why is that? because we're blessed in every season! the fact that we get to FEEL the changing weather reminds me that we're alive. there is energy running through us and we still can do what God has purposed for us to do. & then i reflect on my own place in life where i've simply embraced CHANGE. i look forward to change because i know it's God's way of shifting things.

i just want to encourage others to embrace change. embrace shifts and allow your ear to close to whatever it is the Spirit within and around you is trying to say. The Word says many times that we must discern His voice over others. we can only do that through prayer, meditation and alone time to reflect. take it. receive it & share it.

i just felt really positive about that Message on my heart this morning because God has been continuously abundant in all things around me. so a lil chill this morning was actually...refreshing. change in the weather just means a new reflection of & life.

happy monday.