Monday, September 6, 2010

au naturale...

*sighs* im in a hair dilemma!

transition into being natural again or continue with the creamy crack! idk why this appears like a tough decision. after spending time transitioning the last time & really seeing a substantial amount of hair growth...i kind of miss that! although transitioning was short it felt like it took forever but it allowed me to be adventurous with the things that i used in my hair and on my skin.

since i decided to go back to getting realxers EVERYONE i know is officially natural! back when i was the only one natural...and i guess i kind miss the BLACK POWER look. lol and better yet the free-ness but the hair. natural hair isnt has sensitive as relaxed hair and can with stand more volatile situations.

so it looks like im deciding to transition yet again and embrace, weaves, wigs & hair pieces for versatility to my hair. besides, im learning how to do it myself and im really enjoying the process! and it's all freaking out people i work with and others that are used to me staying short in the hair.

THIS is what i love about can alter your ego for a day =) & the stares aren't half bad either since i really dont give a care w/ most others think! so surely i'll try to document the hair journey as i did the first time. when i take this new do definately going to get a professional deep conditioning and go into full load transitioning with natural products (which is most of what i stick to these days anyway)

*sighs* please pray for me. transitioning is a spiritual journey in and of itself! requiring all the fruits of the spirit! so, here i come fro-liciousness!

my short hurr season:

my freebird afro crazy season:

my latest protective styles: