Thursday, January 1, 2015


ive gotten through...what i be the toughest part of the book of im reading. its the part of the book where you must plan and reflect and plan and commit. these are all words im familiar with and once found little fear with...but its taken me 3 days to get through this part of the book. finished today. with reflections and planning...but little commitment. not yet. that part is way your face.

i think thats the hardest part of the "resolutions" people do every year. a couple of days ago i came across of list of things that i wanted to do this year...mostly around the house, a little travel and what not..most of it i did. and i smiled at the reflection of it. i hadnt referenced this list to remind me what i wanted and i needed...conviction did that for me.

and therefore...i eventually committed.

its a strange thing how fear comes with conviction and commitment.

just a thought...