Thursday, January 1, 2015

i think paul mooney is everything...

between watching an awesome marathon of First 48....ive been inundating myself with Paul Mooney standup and comedy. occasionally, i go back and watch the same ones to refresh myself with how funny he is.

i had to write a paper about a comedic figure my freshman yr in college. i wanted to write about paul mooney but cowardly thought he would be too much so i opted for the next best...richard pryor. might as hell been mooney...

ive never seen PM live...i would to but when they talk about black comedic legends...they often exclude PM. idk. this man is HILARIOUS. and what i learned from writing my comedy paper in my English class those years teacher would often keep asking me, "thats funny...but why is it funny?"

i want to say PM is funny bc he is real. but that would to be so vague and insincere to his craft. he's unapologetic to what he feels, he shares life from his perspective, he exumes the pain of racial inequality in this county and then encourages us to laugh at it. it's a really strange feeling when experiencing PM comedy.

more than anything, PM comedy reminds me of my Mother. i think i shared a PM video with her once or twice bc i know she thought Richard Pryor was funny but bc of PM racial remarks, i knew my mama would get a high off of that!

lately, PM is the closest to hearing my mother laugh i can get. and well, thats enough.

thanks Paul.