Monday, January 12, 2015

the day.


i told myself i would write more often. reflections and such.

there are alot of times the mind is always going and im never quite sure what to say...
because the mind is always going and there's always something going on.

today the current events that ran through my mind...
- oil
- nigeria
- paris
- #blacklivesmatter
- beyonce...not pregnant
- the Panthers are out of the playoffs...and the Cowboys

just a few of the things that had my mind going. the brain has got to be tired.

when i was on the gym today, i decided to just the sauna. i did that for about an hr in up to 160 degrees. stretching and inhaling and exhaling...the yoga experience. i saw this older woman standing in the mirror outside the sauna door. i think she was waiting for someone who was in a stall. a spanish...mexican...or something like that...she was so short. a very small woman. she was just standing in the mirror...not looking at it but just looking toward it.

i just noticed her face. the relaxed look of it. the simplicity of it. and the hardness of it. i wondered what she did for a living. she looked north of 40...maybe 50...i wondered what it was she had done all these years. what has she seen? this was a woman who had seen the 60s of this world. sometimes i wish i could have seen the 60s of this world. when things were dramatically different. more than anything i figured she was a mother. and i wondered whether she shared those journeys with her daughter. but she had lived. a life that may not have been perfect or clear or simple. but she lived. and it mattered.

thats the lesson that i learned today. you matter. i matter. we matter.