Wednesday, December 1, 2010

she's single =)

okay so SAINTS...beware...and also this is NOT for children. definately for the grown & sexy and YES im promoting it with my heathen-like self. lol! so i saw this posted at which i check regularly at work, ya know, for entertainment since they block all the other websites! & they had this posted. well, from the comments i saw, i aint no business looking at this. hardheaded, i started it up anyway and it had that Lil Wayne "Single" beat i had heard so i didnt know WHY Raheem DeVaughn would have it...then i started watching...watching..ow! what was that?! *click x at the top of the window* yeeaaahhh i coulda got freakin fired if i kept watching! so watch at your own risk!

A+ on the erotic nature of the video but not enough to come off as man-whoreish even though the nature of the video was him cheating with a woman who had a man. the sexual nature of the video was classy and not overbearing like a tacky porn or a really bad rap video with booty all in the cam and crotch in ur tv screen so im pleasantly satisfied in the watch!

anywho, enjoy. i also think you should check out his mixtape which released on November 29 [[Jackin' for Beats]]! The download is available as well as previews at this link:

Raheem also discussed the video which is posted at a related blog site:

So what you think...too much?