Friday, April 8, 2011

ode to my loaner phone

i have a motorola cliq....less a than a year of having it and it hates me. it's not longer charging and it has a mind of its own. it comes on and off when it wants to and it ends my calls whenever it feels like...pretty freakin annoying. but i love the features of this phone. it's death (or unconscious state) has left me phone for a little while. pretty depressing.

found out tmobile has loaner phone....yyeeesss. totally put them in a positive place in my book after being pissed at them for so long with their wack phones...but this loaner phone isnt like a phone ive seen since the first time i had a phone ages ago...

it's basic. the basic functions. the sum of everything u basically need a phone and one thing that a smartphone DEFINATELY cannot compete with...BATTERY LIFE! i have literally not put this phone a charger in probably...3 days and it hasnt moved from full battery yet! every smartphone owner knows that this is basically unheard of. even more so, you know that leaving your house WITHOUT your phone charger is just an evil mistake waiting to happen.

so i just wanted to give a dedication to the loaner: Sony Ericsson Equinox for being so darn awesome despite being uber basic. and in honor of the "ode" i'd like to share a song that pays an "ode to marvin" =) enjoy