Sunday, April 17, 2011

dare i say...BUMP WORTHY???

yes, indeed. i've found a new track that i actually really like! took a short road trip this past week, and i'm a Sirius radio lover so THE HEAT was definately my station of choice. they kept playing this song, which i assume is new, by Jim Jones called "Perfect Day".

I'm an avid music lover, mostly extra old stuff. I enjoy that music more often because it always makes me feel like I'm going through a story. I like to visualize where the artist is taking me, the sounds they put together to take you there and the lyrical content is the foundation. It's like building a cake!

Won't lie, I never found myself to be in love with anything by Jim Jones, but this one is definately a softer touch and definately something I like. I'm actually looking forward to whatever new things he has going on that might be similar to this new single's feel.

Dare I say...BUMP WORTHY??! Yes, it is! Great flow, variety in beat and decent lyrical content that you can see exactly where he's going. He takes you there, and you don't feel like you will probably get shot going there. LOL I mean, the dude IS pretyt intimidating. Didn't you see that episode of HipHop Wives?? Ow, lawd. Anyway, please enjoy.

It's a beautiful day in Houston. I'm impressed with this track, and it's very fitting for the day. Aren't we all just looking forward to a "perfect day"?