Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FAST REPORT: im stepping out.

in case you're still counting: it's DAY 26 with 4 days to go. it just jetted by, right? wow.

well, im coming full circle in this social networking fast. the commercial i saw that brought this all on came on as i was dosing off to sleep and im really glad i was motivated to it. although i havent read A Call to Die in a few days and not nearly as close to be done as i'd like's a book of lessons AND ive added another book to my reading list as soon as im done with this one called: Jesus Withouth Religion. I'm excited to read it.

anyways. the past month we've been teaching the kids about: humility. definately a lesson for me as much as its been for them. A Call to Die is about: humility. my life in the last month has been about: humility. i just needed to really drill that lesson in my mind about putting things of priority...FIRST! it came to me that the thing that i should be putting first most of all is TIME. time is so available but limited and essential yet freeing. and everything about what im motivated to do is contingent in God's timing...not my own...

ive been on so many time contraints in the last month that ive just asked God to give me some wiggle room and all i can really hear from Him is that i need to allow that extra 15-30 minutes i waste doing the miscelleanous to stay focused on the agenda He has laid out. a leap of faith. a moment to step out of the ordinary to be in unordinary spaces and be welcomed by them...

i realized that first hand today as i stepped into a room of women i did not know and pitched several of them my goals and vision. scary and out of the ordinary but so welcoming. it was out of my comfort zone, but i didnt know that stepping out of my comfort zone would be so comforting.

i praise God for this short season to fully fellowship with Him out of distractions, but im looking forward to what lies ahead and whatever these  next days of the fast have in store. i have a few days until my move and a few days until i confirm that i have the next job im hoping for. please pray, Saints!