Saturday, April 9, 2011

is charlie sheen "winning"?

now that the media chaos surrounding charlie sheen has died down because he is now on "tour", i have seen any RAVE reviews about his "performances" at all. yes, these " " are intentional.

i will not lie. when charlie sheen started acting crazy, i was watching every interview to catch his newest catch phrase or some other craziness that would come out of his mouth. it was hilarious and contagious to watch but now i feel like an accessory to uber foolishness. charlie sheen CLEARLY needs help.

from the latest show reviews, this "tour" has no substance. i would never consider paying to see him spiral but i wonder what kind of people would actually pay to sit in an arena to hear him spit the craziness that he spit on television. are Americas really THAT insensitive...and stupid with money? i read in an article that people started booing when he became too "preachy" and continued to say that "nobody wants to hear about that". They also booed him when he said he was no longer doing drugs. How disgusting, right? That the sole purpose of paying to see him is to see him act crazy. Who would PAY for that?

it makes to me wonder about the moral compass of the nation and the moral compass of most people...i should really reserve that for a different discussion...

but back to the question: is charlie sheen "winning"? YES! he's on "tour" with the sole intent to cash in your stupidity before you actually come to your senses. not only that, he's called out his audiences, in his narcissistic way, to state that they paid to see him and had NO IDEA what they were getting...he's got your money already and none of the shows are refundable...GENIUS!

if charlie sheen is on drugs...what is everybody else on?