Thursday, September 6, 2012

grocery store lovin'

im committed to H-E-B. it's everything on a Saturday morning to hit the gym and then go grocery shopping just in time for the cooks to give out samples...and good stuff too!

ladies, did you know that the best place to meet eligible men is in the grocery store???! two things come to mind when i see men alone in the grocer...

1. probably living alone [which demonstrates stability...maayyybeee he has roommates but we can deal!]
2. let me check out his basket! [figure out if he eats well. does he care about what he puts inside his body?]

on 2 occasions my basket has been a conversation starter. once over vinaigrette (i kid not) and the other over cereal (he was curious if raisin bran crunch was good...really???!) and although those encounters didnt material into anything (since im still very single)...both men were 1) stable and 2) health conscious & those are two things that are important to me.

what's important to you?

& i continue to reiterate the NEED to know what you want and align it with alot of prayer for God's will.

so i am DEF looking forward to the opportunity to share with my children one day how me and daddy "met at H-E-B" hell...maybe even wal-mart...and i really hope he's a cook! =)

the LESSON: frequent places you want to meet men you truly want to attract and be OPEN to meeting someone new. you never know who might be asking about the kale in your basket on your next trip!