Friday, September 7, 2012

"he's just a friend..."

please note: the video above is classic hip hop ratchet with beautiful lackluster talent women, lil wayne (of course) and a confusing side pony with his some point i think a man should allow his dreads to stop growing...just i type this...i cant even believe im lowkey endorsing this...BUT it comes across 1 of my pandora stations often, and it amuses me. seems pretty fitting to this post.

so...the point of this post: women.
women talk about men alot but can we just turn the microscope on ourselves for a second?
women lie. then get mad when men tell the truth.

the most DREADED lie ive heard friends say is: "he's just a friend"

oh really?

far too often this lie gets us in trouble, ladies! if truth be told, we know have more than likely gone pass "friends" in our feelings even if we haven't in our actions. and you are DEFINITELY not just "friends" if you've had SEX with this so called "friend". girlBYE! in fact, you're MARRIED, but that's a whole other story...

anywho, my chronicles motif: know what you want.
& although every relationship should begin in friendship and continue in have to know three things (1) the difference between a platonic one and romantic one and (2) ensure the both of you are on the same page on where you are. (3) dont be afraid to ask questions and never assume.

& lastly, NEVER EVER in your life SMASH THE HOMIES. rarely ends well. i never have. never will. ask any man ive called a friend. it is simply and always will be just that.

so, know your boundaries and STOP LYING to yourself and others around you and then become a sour puss when that dude says, "i just wanna be friends..." it becomes uncomfortable for all and especially your loved ones that feel so bad that they continue to encourage your embellished delusion.

fall in love but do it honestly. <3 nbsp="nbsp">