Saturday, September 29, 2012

reflections: my hat goes off to GOOD nurses...

ive officially deemed myself a doctor/nurse/pharmacist. idk if anyone is much more acquainted with the process of care than me (or a professional) at this point. not tooting my own horn. i was kind of forced into this situation BUT having seen my dad go through surgeries and several kinda a pro at this.

and home care is def where i a home nurse and if you're a good nurse...i think the attention to detail and well acquainted with how to provide exceptional service and care can be down right...tiring...because you simply care too much to be pathetic at what you do. which is why i literally take my hat off to really good nurses. i realized, having been to many hospitals and spoken to many nurses, they are the heart while the doctor is the hands. while they, literally, take direction and execute by the directive of a doctor, the care of someone is where it really truly matters...and you advocate for them when doctors sometimes have no real idea how to provide the care. nurses see them at least 12 hours of the day...who would know them better, right?

after my dad had surgery...i actually met a really good nurse. never had i seen any nurse my dad has every had take such particular care and concern. although they cannot force patients to do anything, she had this particular way with my dad that was...interesting...and on the day he left, she handed me a notebook of things she compiled that she thought were be helpful having had worked with him (aside from the things the case manager provided me). i dont think thats in her job description but she was extremely knowledgeable and went out of her way to ensure we understood everything when many nurses we've had would simply say, "im not sure. speak to the doctor." wtf they pay you for? 0__o

but uhhh...yeah. it really takes patience. and it would never be something i choose to do. ever. it's not in me. but living with my dad now...has taught me alot about being a provider. it is not easy.

well, that really good nurse i mentioned provoked me to write this. i stopped by HEB and saw her there. she remembered me and asked about my dad. again, who DOES THAT?! maybe ive begun to expect little of people that generosity seems like the exception than simply the standard.

i thank you. every good nurse. every wise doctor. its not easy work and if your reward is not in any particular place you work...your reward is definitely in HEAVEN! =)