Friday, May 10, 2013

as if there are no other options.

i must disclose. darn, i miss my short hair. i really do. i think i've done the extremes with hair, and with the summer upon really wanting to cut it all again. thoughts and decisions...

today i was thinking how not meaningful some people choose to lead their lives.
i heard a story about a guy that was selfish.
he lived that way and thought it was okay.
he took more than he gave.
and then he died.
and not even his family really wanted to entertain him in his living.
surely not at his death.

i wonder. do people ever think there is more to life than the life they're living?
although the desire is to pursue life to the fullest because we are aware of it's shortness.
do we care to care about others.
does YOLO have to include booze, gossip and meaningless relationships?
maybe it works for some.

but for others seeking to go beyond.
it's admirable. i really truly admire people who go beyond their comfort.
more importantly, who hault their self righteousness to pursue a faith walk of uncomfort.
that's insanity.
that is faith.

and i figured it was important to share that walking in faith should be an action as if there are no other options. it's selfless. it is raw. it is necessary, in my opinion, to say you lived.