Sunday, May 5, 2013


what a beautiful evening houston was. beautiful. it felt like an actually Spring day, and i find that quite odd. are we in our last days? idk. it should be 150 degrees by now, but im not complaining.

i want to make a better habit of writing. when i want to rest, it seems like i have not much room for it. but then i have to remind myself that we make room for what we want to make room for. so hear i am.


it's quite difficult to determine what this words me. dominion from what i can recall in many lessons ive heard from Scripture is that dominion is possession. dominance. control.

as ive gotten older, its been my walking nature to be aware of my dominion. to be aware of the power that God has given. to be aware and knowledgeable that you can worthy of the control God has given you.

i think i was aware of my passive aggressive nature when i was a kid. it always those closest to you that challenge your dominion. well, challenges they were. i learned quickly that taking dominion often means getting serious about who you allow to speak and act in your life. speak and act.

im grateful that there is growth but still a ways to go. i am. you are. consistently challenged.

ive come to a point that when my dominion is threatened...i have to make two decisions (1) flee or (2) fight. i think we are all aware of how this works. it's how we protect ourselves. sometimes it is okay to flee. sometimes it is necessary to flee. we have to. but other times, we need to take action and fight. action. easy to say difficult to do and often difficult to be fully aware of how long the fight may last before the dust settles and you are set free in the spirit. the fight. the action.


i think the God IN us provokes us to challenge ourselves. our flesh is always toiling with just what to do. how to do it. and when to do it.

if i recall in Scripture properly..the only thing that i can recall Christ asking to "flee" was anything in contrary to the very own dominion of God.

i trust that dominion begins when you find your inner God. you are aware of the strength that you have. and the voice that you possess. dominion is not far from you.