Tuesday, May 14, 2013

one step at a time.

i was such an awkward black girl growing up. as Pastor is going through this "Ridiculous" sermon series, tonight, we focused on some things NOT to do while journeying through faith. my favorite F word. 
one thing that i realized tonight is that...it must be a blessing and a curse to be me. the joy and value that i find in solitude sometimes is eerie. im grateful to God for it because when we have no comfort in being alone, how can we know when someone is actually adding to us? 

my prayer for myself and each woman (particularly single ones) that i know is that we become fully aware of our value. our solitude is God's way of dancing with us. value it. He is just finding ways to spend time with us by allowing us to be exposed to things/people that we would not have being connected with someone at this point in our lives.

it is my desire that for every step that i take that God will be taking two steps. especially when it comes to those walking in and out of my life (and yours). that we will be strength for them as they are for us. and i think that's one of the most beautiful things about faith. God says deny you and trust Me. and that's often meaning you need to walk alone.