Friday, August 13, 2010

3 places to visit in Houston!

Happy Friday 13th! This day seems to SUPPOSED to be something like another Halloween, but this Friday has been...great, relaxing and productive. On that note, don't believe the hype! I wanted to start sharing some of the "top" things I find. starting with: HOUSTON

contrary to popular belief, i do LOVE my city. i was raised here and without Houston i'd probably be a totally different person. and although im still hanging in limbo on whether i'll be moving out the state for awhile...there are some great pieces here in the city to enjoy! whether you're coming to visit or just looking for something to do...have you experienced these 3 gems?

1. The Ensemble Theatre [[]]
    I had the pleasure of enjoying some shows here before the season was over, and I can't believe I lived here all these years and never visited this place! The facility feels like a home and the staff is easy going. Great shows here & guess what? You won't spend more than $30 on this date!

2. Discovery Green [[]]
    Came here for the first time August 2009. Love it! It's not quite Central Park but it's beautiful, huge with lots of roaming space! There are plenty of weekly events posted on the site from writers' workshops to yoga on the lawn. All free! Can't beat that...

3. Museum District [[]]
    Been coming to the District since I was a kid but didn't begin to appreciate it until I was a college student. Did you know most of the museums are free?! Free the Buffalo Soldier Museum in 3rd Ward. Everybody there is knowledgeable and only a $2 entry free! Walking distance between most of the theaters.

there's so much else but check these out first! old things get old quick but i havent grown tired of these just yet! check em out.