Monday, August 30, 2010

i pee in the shower.

la-de-dah is the day! it was smooth sailing & i actually enjoyed it. but in the midst of some boredom at work i was reading an article, as i often am, about why women should not be mad at men when they pee on the floor or better yet just had really lousy aim. long story short...there's apparently plenty of reasons why a sane man would not make the toilet. *shrugs* but imagine how disgusting we women feel about things like that. he's disgusting, right? he probably didnt even car eenough to clean it up. whatever. but i started thinking about today how women tend to be so "nice-nasty" that they fail to live.

granted. i agree that that ish is nasty and he probably needs get his own bathroom and pee properly but how is it that modern women are still so ancient (or should i say antique elegance) in what we choose to hide about ourselves?

what i've discovered through relationships with men is that they want women to be as free as they an extent. please, dont go trying to pee with your husband or "boo" in the corner somewhere. you'll probably make a seirous mess, but i would definately encourage women to be more human in embracing what is natural in the process of loving someone which is breaking the shields and opening the veils. although your elegance is important in allowing you to sustain confidence and have your mate view you as a lady. it's equally essential to able to identify what kind of woman you REALLY are outside the public view. can you connect with yourself? not necessarily in THAT way if you got your mind in the gutter! but think of it in aspects of being more like a paper's moldable. you should, to an extent, always be moldable with your mate. the only thing consistent in ANYTHING is change. but to lay the foundation to what you are makes him appreciate you more..the airy-ness...the open-ness...

so what does this have to do with me peeing in the shower ? *shrugs* it's simply a confession. however, imagine what a confession such as this...out loud...could do to your self esteem? or maybe you can admit out i do...that sleeping with clothes should be sin *shrugs* it identifies what kind of person you REALLY are and encourages you to act on the expression.

here's what the process looks like to me:
1. make an admission
2. come to grips with that admission and say it aloud
3. explore why you feel that way (why did i need to say that?)
4. how can i make this work for my good?

admitting that i pee in the shower could...for the love of God draw someone toward God! crazy, right? but maybe they can find humanity in me even though im a spiritual person. they dont feel like im non-approachable. it also allows me to be open. to be admit that aloud and begin to accept other things about myself and may appear shameful to others. i've chosen to embrace the little flaws and/or awkward things about myself that allow me to be me.

how do this play out in relationship? well, you're more open with your partner. if your dude is running to some hussy that's totally different from you...and not that he NEVER has a right to cheat on you...EVER and it's NEVER your fault...after you break up with him and burn his those aspects of yourself that you can be more cautious about opening and closing.

i believe that someone are SO comfortable in their skin and they easily get taken advantaged of and become a revolving door with relationships. no one in Heaven is that considered healthy but making small admissions about what's wierd...awesome...strange etc about you will make you more open in several areas of your life.

& these words come from a closer hoarder of emotions *raises hand*