Tuesday, August 24, 2010

in NYC? go here!

so i've fallen in love w/ the city that never sleeps. YES! so i had to share some of the places, in ANY given season, that you can visit and definately feel the spirit of NYC...at least as a visitor. don't be afraid to talk to locals either! none of this is in any kind of order!


1. Top of the Rock - no lines & landscaping views of all 5 burroughs! what's better than that? avoid the Empire State Building. you can see it from the Top =)

2. Times Square - touristy as ever but ALOT of people seeing. always loud, live & interesting! 5th to 7th Av on Broadway is full of places to shop, eat and take classic photos in the middle of the street. Watch for traffic though...the horns will be blaring at you!

3. Nespresso - Upper East Side Manhattan. Super classy & upgraded version of Starbucks w/ security. LOVED this place and the staff was really nice. It's a franchise, so you might find it in other cities. The caffeine fix and sweet tooth fix is definately right here!

4. Chinatown - Ever strolled down Canal St during Essence Fest? Street venders & crowded streets is exactly what this is times ten! Everybody is trying to hussle you in the streets but the artisy feel of the scene so close to Tribeca makes it a must visit. Great authentic food finds and check out the street vendors before the police comes taking them away...

courtesy of nyc.gov

5. Central Park - You could NEVER see every park of Central Park in one day but you SHOULD visit some part of it on your visit. Great sitting hills and shading trees everywhere. There's events, a zoo and other amenties in the park. If nothing else, you get to say you saw the beautiful Central Park. It's classic.

courtesy of blog.tmcnet.com