Saturday, August 14, 2010

when i saw a ballerina dance...

photo courtesy of LA Times

im always in random awe at what love is capable of doing in people. and i dont mean romantic love i mean love..passion...for a something other than another person. like an art form, a cause or a mission. people who stand up for something simply out of love is an OVERWHELMING expression to me.

while visiting nyc a little while ago...i HAD to be at Alvin Ailey. after a semester of studying dance, visiting modern dance studios and actually having the opportunity to perform...i saw a new appreciation for what it is they do.

so while in nyc, i took a dance class which was...AH-mazing. so much fun. great class. kewl ass students i met and some waayyy more trained than me but the instructor was so in tune with us that the energy in there was crazy. like...nothing i ever experienced before. live drummers...all the movement and the sounds just suck you in. the hour just went by too fast. but while waiting for James to come...i got to see the REAL dancers dance.

do we ALL like to dance? duh. but the technicality of some of these people's work is outrageous. i saw REAL ballerinas and well trained modern dancers GLIDE across the floor. the fluidity of their bodies and damn...their bodies were AH-MAZING...i was just in awe struck. nothing like if i would have met a celebrity and although i was just sitting outside the room...i felt like i was sitting right in front of their rehearsal.

it made me sad & excited. sad because i was just an amateur. ugh, so far to go if i ever want to be like that. and then excited to just have shared the space. the energy they had was encouraging that when you chase after you're can glide across floors too. it's not like this came overnight for them. it took alot of hard work and Alvin Ailey isnt a run of the meal studio.

& seeing them work in such an intense and passionate way just showed so much LOVE that was there. love that they chased after and that as long as God had given them feet...there wasnt a soul that could take that kind of love away from them. isnt that was LOVE is all about? the passion? the essence of raw feelings that translate from the mind and into the limelight...or in their case...the dance floor? that's real, man and i was just so excited to know that this kind of love in its raw form can still blossom.

i figure this is the greatest lesson Alvin Ailey's class taught me: just be. feel it. embrace it. chase it. find the passion and take in the love.

tks <3